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"Sherpa 16.6"

16.6 gallon capacity

Oversized for lots of gear

Stainless steel handle

Great for canoe dry storage

Dimensions:  14.5W x 19"D x 22"H (62.8L)

Comes in the standard granite color

Collar and lids can be combined in any color combination


"Sherpa 9.9"

Slightly smaller version of the Sherpa at 9.9 gallon capacity, allows for modifying to suit your needs. Also great for Sit on top kayaks, Kayak fishing, or when less space is needed.

Dimensions: 12.5"W x 17"D x 21"H (37.4L)

  (shown with optional rod holder and cup cradle)

Can also be combined with the Sherpa 16.6 for multi-week expedition

Comes in the standard granite color

Collar and lids can be combined in any color combination!


"The 5.0"

Five gallon capacity 

Airtight & watertight storage

Basic and dependable

Dimensions: 15"H x 12"W (19L)

Ultimate companion for SUP's!

Makes a great seat!

Hundreds of color combinations available... your choice of collar, lid, and bucket colors (availability varies)


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We can arrange multi-day river trips on the Jack's Fork, Current, Eleven Point Rivers in Southern MO.

The Buffalo, Kings, Mulberry Rivers in Northwest Arkansas

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CanoeBob Dry Storage Solutions

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About Us

Welcome to CanoeBob !

After almost 40+ years and many miles of paddling, the CanoeBob system is here!

If you are ready for a simple solution to dry canoe storage look no further.

CanoeBob uses a patented double O-ring , screw on lid fitted to a robust, durable, floating container.

This combination makes a very easy to use and watertight storage system for canoeing, kayaking, SUPing, or just about any other activity when watertight containers are needed. 

These storage systems have been thoroughly tried and tested on over 700 hundred of miles of our local riverways .  The ease of entry and ability to hold large items with endless packing options sets this canoe storage system apart from  barrells and drybags.

It's dry!

It floats!

Easy to open & close!

Lots of room!

Hardsided construction!

Easy to transport!

Easy to load!

It even keeps a loaf of bread from  getting crushed!

"The 5.0"

19 liters of storage and the ability to stow almost anywhere!

"Sherpa 16.6"

Two Sherpas side by side offer 125 liters  of dry, organized storage & easy one handed opening!